Mission Statement of Language Canada

Language Canada aims at creating an
English learning environment that fosters students to become:

An effective communicator

A rational critical thinker

A life-long curious learner

Our Vision and Belief ICCI

It is our belief that we are here to further encourage our students to:

Read and write skillfully and purposefully

Demonstrate competence in speaking and listening

Be Disciplined and Persistent

Identify problems and find creative solutions

Maintain intellectual curiosity

Keep an open mind and eager to learn

Students at Language Canada are reminded that learning is a 'Privilege' and not a 'Promise'
We adapt the "ICCI" model for students
who wish to be part of this education learning community and strive to be:

  • 01.Imaginative
  • 02.Critical Thinkers
  • 03.Contributor
  • 04.Inventors
  1. Keeping an active
    and creative mind
  2. Going beyond the given
    and the obvious
    to think outside the box
  3. Contributing to
    collective efforts with
    the interpersonal skills
  4. Finding new ways to
    see and solve problems

Please Join Us

We are looking for experienced, responsible,
and creative teachers to join us. Successful candidates
should have a university degree, work well with kids,
and be able to teach grammar and edit student papers.
North American accents are a plus.

If interested in our school, please send your CV to

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